The Weight of Many Niggles

There’s always something slightly wrong, isn’t there?

Today I’m concerned about a tooth. For context, I have an extremely tough time at the dentist, but successfully completed 3 fillings and a root canal earlier this year and left with a clean slate after the last check-up in June. But I felt something weird earlier whilst eating crisps and noticed what looks like a possible cavity when looking in the mirror.

Small thing, right? May not even BE a thing if I give it a day or too. I hope.

If this was the first thing to crop up in a while, I’d probably be dealing with it a bit better. (Probably not dealing with it well anyway, given the stress and cost of a potential dentist visit). It isn’t though.

Last week I was at my GP to rule out vascular issues because I have something wrong in my ear that causes pulsatile noise. I’m in progress with a referral to physio and a referral to CBT (again). I also had a panic attack in the middle of the night and I’m incredibly constipated today. Sure that info isn’t all nice, but…it conveys my point.

These things weigh on a person.

Nobody wants to spend their time attempting to convince themselves not to worry about a concern that may or may not turn out to need attention. Nobody wants to spend their time being worried about the prospect of pain or other problems developing through inaction…or wasted time through unnecessary action. Nobody wants to spend their time on decision-paralysis over little niggles.

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