Limbo-Log #3: Where did the week go?

This time I’m trying a different format for my ‘limbo-log’ post as it has proven tricky sometimes to remember to make a note of what I’ve been up to in the day/time format.

I’ve also been using Toggl to track my time. I first used this during the first year of my PhD, out of interest to see how my time spent on different tasks related to one another, but it’s proven more interesting to track my current status of various different types of tasks. The following is from a one week period, and I’ll describe my categories as we go (and mention things I DIDN’T track).

MUSIC PRACTICE (7 hours, 7 minutes) – this was a pretty decent amount of practice for the week. I almost always track my time spent on violin practice as it can sometimes be a motivating factor. Having said that, when I’m not doing too well, it can also be disheartening! I didn’t include in this the time I spent playing the keyboard with my brother to teach him how to read bass clef.

TUTORING (5 hours, 50 minutes) – this is the time spent only in the actual sessions. As it’s summer this fluctuates a lot, and this week I taught 3 different postgraduate psychology students.

DOG WALKING (4 hours, 15 minutes) – I don’t get paid for this, but I walk someone else’s dog to give me a bit of motivation to get out of the house and do some exercise.

WORK APPLICATIONS (3 hours, 30 minutes) – I include the time spent looking for things I’d like to apply to, as well as actually writing applications. A large chunk of this week’s time was interview prep, as I had to put together a session plan and a ‘micro-teach’ to deliver as part of the interview [I spent many hours on this in total and didn’t get the job].

FAMILY (3 hours) – Most of the family were away but I went to have lunch at my grandparents’ house.

OTHER MUSIC (2 hours, 11 minutes) – looking up music theory stuff, doing practice aural exercises, reading about music history, etc. I also made a separate category for ‘attempts at composition’ but didn’t do any this week.

TUTORING-RELATED (at least 1 hour, 58 minutes) – this is where I include all of the admin-type tasks such as responding to messages, managing bookings, and of course preparing content/exercises if required for sessions. I imagine this to take a lot more time (and mental energy) than recorded, as firstly, I often don’t record the few minutes here and there for replying to single emails etc, and secondly, I’m often thinking about these things in between other tasks.

RESOURCE MAKING (1 hour, 50 minutes) – separately to the resources I make for my tutoring students, I’ve also been working on making general resources over summer both for commonly-requested topics and to sell on TES.

MUSIC PSYCHOLOGY (48 minutes) – at the moment this is mainly reading and self-teaching activities.

PHD-RELATED (16 minutes) – this is where I include things that stem from my PhD work, such as the publications I’m working on with my supervisors. This week was just a quick discussion with one supervisor about a small section of a paper that’s nearly ready to be sent off for review. Things I maybe could have included here would be the long time I spent ordering guest tickets and academic attire for my graduation ceremony.

And what I didn’t log…

Food (eating, making, etc) – I often don’t spend long planning or cooking and it might be good in future to be able to mentally categorise these activities as productive!

A lot of the weekend time which was spent with my partner.

TV / youtube time.

Miscellaneous reading time – both fiction and non-fiction (which I’m trying to increase).

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