The Week in Food


Breakfast – Tinned pineapple slices, and strawberry jelly

Lunch – Chicken chow mein (microwave meal), viennese whirls, and chocolate

Dinner – Tuna sandwich, crisps, and viennese whirls

Snacks – Crisps


Breakfast – Granola with dried strawberries, cranberry and raspberry juice

Lunch – Pork sandwich, pineapple slices, crisps, chocolate

Dinner – Mashed potato, baked beans and cheese, and crisps

Snacks – Ice lolly, chocolate, apple

WEDNESDAY (long conference day)

Breakfast – [oops]

Lunch – A slice of a bacon salad wrap thing, vegetable samosa, crisps, 2 veggie quiche tarts, slice of orange, slice of pineapple, and slice of cake

Dinner – Vegetable spring rolls and chicken flavoured noodles

Snacks – Ice lolly, kit kat


Breakfast – [oops again]

Lunch – Supermarket salad bar’s pasta salad (Italian pasta, Korean noodles, and some Pesto pasta thing, all in the same dish) and 2 double chocolate cookies

Dinner – Ham and lettuce sandwich and another cookie

Snacks – Strawberries


Breakfast – Cheese pastry

Lunch – Ham salad sandwich and a chocolate cornflake bun

Dinner – Roast chicken and potatoes with peas and gravy (my girlfriend made dinner! She’s a much better cook than I, and she actually enjoys cooking.)

Snacks – Jelly bears, an orange, bakewell slice


Breakfast – Toast

Lunch – Bacon, baked beans, and chips

Dinner – Pasta with chicken, tomato, spinach, onion, and cheese (my girlfriend made dinner again and it was amazing!)

Snacks – Chocolate, cherry cake, cookies


Brunch (it was breakfast but it was also basically lunch time) – Egg, bacon, and toast

Dinner – Cheese and tomato pizza with tortilla chips

Snacks – Chocolate, jelly bears, cheese and crackers

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