Limbo-Log #2: My Mind is Melting

8.10 – Woke up and talked to a friend on the phone whilst getting ready. Already hot.

9am – Phoned about a council tax refund from the city I did my PhD in…they owe me £105 because somehow the final bill was paid twice. I was on hold for over 25 minutes. The hold music sucked, and was interspersed with messages telling me how quick and easy it is do use the website instead…and it’s not…I’ve tried several times in the last few weeks but the online form just doesn’t let you progress past a certain point. After all of that, the actual conversation lasted less than 2 minutes. Let’s hope that money reappears in my account sharpish.

10am – Was supposed to be a tutoring hour with a new student, but it automatically cancelled because the student didn’t confirm it online by 12 hours before the session…and I received no response to yesterday’s message asking them to either confirm or let me know if they’d changed their mind. So instead of making any money, I spent some money at the shop buying food, ate a pasta salad, and then looked over a half-written job application.

11am – Tutoring (an hour spent talking about ANOVAs)

12pm – Laid outside on the grass for about 5 minutes before being unable to stay out any longer, ate my remaining lunch, sent suggested booking slots to a student, sent an email about potential data collection for an individual differences research idea I have, and wrapped some presents for my girlfriend’s birthday.

1pm – Carried on with the job application I looked at earlier. This one is not ‘academic’ as such but is a remote-working science-writing type of job. I finished off the cover letter (I detest writing cover letters), but I’ve still got to prepare a writing sample in a specific style.

2pm – Tried to get confirmation of my graduation date; went for a short walk (and melted) and spoke to a neighbour.

3.30 – Made a few notes for my individual differences project idea and the writing sample for the job application, then spoke to my grandma on the phone.

5pm – Ate sandwiches and watched Young Sheldon.

6pm – Violin practice, interspersed with sitting down in front of a fan because it is too damn hot for any level of movement.

7.30 – Drawing a cartoon character for a friend.

8pm – Too hot to think. Just spilled water on my shirt and I wouldn’t be surprised if it all evaporates in the next 5 minutes. My plan was to get on with the writing sample once the temperature cooled off a bit…but I’m still struggling!

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