Things I want to learn (or wish I already knew)

MUSIC – I already take violin lessons and just completed my grade 8 theory exam…but I do have a fantasy of having some level of competency playing viola, piano, and maybe even cello (though my back would never stand for carrying a cello). Also composition…because I try but it doesn’t really happen.

HUMAN FACTORS – I’m interested in cognition and perception, but would like to know more about the applications of this. At some point during my undergraduate degree I got interested in aviation human factors (probably because half of the family are aviation engineers).

LANGUAGES – I took French GCSE, and learnt German in school too but couldn’t fit the GCSE into my timetable. I’d like to pick up with German again…but I’d also like to learn Latin…or Turkish…or Danish…or BSL. One preventative factor is my inability to pick one to focus on.

SCIENTIFIC DRAWING – I need more time to draw in general… 10 years have passed since I spent any considerable time and effort in drawing. But I love the kind of anatomical brain and bone diagrams…animals…plants…and would love to be able to draw some things like that.

COOKING – Not extensive cooking, but enough that I can easily make nice (but not too time-consuming) food that I’m actually enthusiastic about and enjoy.

PHYSICAL EXERCISE – Again, not extensive, but enough that I can get interested and motivated in leading a healthier life. I’d also like to sort out my posture.

CODING – Sometimes job applications would be easier if I had some kind of Matlab/Psychopy skills. I skipped a workshop where I could have learnt Psychopy once because anxiety. Ew.

DECISION MATHS – I studied A-level Maths and my class did Statistics and Mechanics for the two ‘applied’ modules…I always had a bit of curiosity about ‘Decision’ (and my younger brother taught me a little once when doing his A-level homework) but never delved into it in any proper sense.

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